Eat, Drink and be Merry for Tomorrow we Die.


Do you ever get the feeling that everything is slowly killing you?  Every single product ever made, the patterns of the weather, the nature of humanity, and most foods in existence might possibly be causing sickness and death in the body, especially cancer.

How does an average human deal with such devastating information?  I generally ask advice from people with degrees and sometimes fancy abbreviations in front of their names.

One month I threw away all my ramen because they told me sodium was killing me.  The next I started drinking beef boullion because they said I was deficient in salts.  One week I shunned eggs because I was told they were clogging my arteries, the next I ate them at every meal because it turns out they’re helping me live longer.

So… can I eat this banana or not?  How much should I exercise?  Is 1 liter of water enough?  If I pet this kitten, will I catch a disease?  Soy milk?  Cow milk?  Maybe camel?  I mean, help me out here, I didn’t go to college.  What should I do to stay alive?

Even Jesus isn’t helping me much with this one.  I seem to have misplaced the bookmark where I could have sworn he stated his opinion about eggs.  Isn’t there somewhere where Jesus talks about the importance of a 5 mile run?  Or counting carbs at Mary’s house?  Or the latest trend in seamless robes?

Alas, I am forced to forge my own path through this sea of confusion.  So I’ll do the next best thing.  I’ll consult my guts.  Good old fashioned intuition about ones’ own self can be quite valuable insight.

If I’m honest, I already know what’s killing me emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Its things like…

Worry, stress, lack of sleep, lack of vitamins, long and arguably pointless meetings, pants that don’t fit well, bad coffee, stale air, slouching, bitterness, advertisements, celebrity gossip, too much noise, cheap sandals due to child labor, politically slandering commercials, sweets that are mostly artificial chemicals, and confusing advice.

I also know the things which make me come alive:

Not being rushed, eggs for breakfast with toast and butter, Smoothies with real fruit, staring at nature, friends, margin, meaningful work, quality beef, expensive underwear, supportive shoes, everything Jesus DID say like forgiveness and love and saying thank you, a good healthy dose of laughter, the occasional donut and a damn good book.

Let’s face it; everything IS killing us because, well, we’re all going to die.  How much time should we give in the attempt to PREVENT the inevitable when we could be spending more time enjoying what we DO have?

This may seem like I’m advocating to eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.  I am.

Eating drinking and merrying are not inherently wrong.  I think the question is what KIND of eating drinking and merrying are you engaging in?

Does your eating consist of fast, cheap, and manufactured chemicals that make you lethargic and vomity?   Yeah.  Probably not the most life giving thing you could do for yourself.  Are you having a merry time at the expense of others?  Also not so great.  But if your eating and your drinking consist of friends around a table, homemade goodness, wholesome laughter (maybe too many carbs?) and your merrying makes you sleep better at night, you’re going to feel the difference.

Ask your gut.  Most of the time it can tell you what it is you need to be filled with.  Sometimes that’s Jesus.  Sometimes it’s a bucket of cookie dough and some really great people.  Sometimes it’s making less money so you can be home more often.  Listen closely.  Your intuition has a lot of competition.

You’re not going to find more life in trying to figure out how to avoid death.

Do your best to give death no extra room, but oh that you would choose more things that make you come alive.


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