thin places

A subtle switch in perspective transforms everything.  A shift in thinking.  A re-arranging of words.  That is all it takes to change the world.

Consider this as it will make or break the course of the universe:

There are complaints.  And then there are great ideas.

A complaint is a dead end.  It moves nowhere, accomplishes nothing, wastes time.  It is empty space filled with hollow words that disappear like smoke.  There is no motivation, no call to action, no ultimate goal.  Complaints are destructive frustration, they are petty gossip, they are cowardice.

But the fuel behind a complaint, if channeled correctly, produces great ideas.  Great ideas build fires of energy and movement.  They catch and consume, burn and refine, change and develop.  Great ideas are not stagnant anger, they are positive action.  They inspire instead of destroy.  They challenge instead of condemn.

Great ideas are disappointments matured into courage.  They are unmet expectations evolved into dreams.  They are charred stumps producing new branches.

The difference is only this:  the ability to distinguish between what leads to nowhere and what moves us forward.  And then being brave enough to act on it.






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