A Word About Wes

fantastic fox

-Dedicated to my favorite filmmaker-

Back against the cupboards, movie ended, I snuggle into the blanket, head resting on the shoulder of a husband full of issues.  I confess mine.  The night grows late and we grow close in talking.  Honest words knit our hearts.  Dark hours teach us to appreciate the unforgiveable.

Life feels like a Wes Anderson film.

Every day is filled with beautifully intentional scenes, art in every frame.  The characters are laced with awkward problems and scripted with light hidden behind dry and dark humor.  No one is perfect.  Threaded into imperfection and misunderstanding, mishap and hurt, is a fondness for humanity.

We are all dysfunctional.  We all have issues.  And at the end of the day, we all hope there is still something in us to love.  We all hope we can see it in each other:  We are not only broken.  We are loveable.

The world is real, raw, awkward, inappropriate, random.  Life is art, beauty, love, adventure, teamwork.  This I learned from the Foxes, the Darjeeling brothers, the Tenenbaums, Susie Bishop and the Kakhi Scout; Wes’s unfiltered versions of this odd and humorous existence.

I love all this.  This art.  These misfits.  These broken clay people.  We are in this together, you and me and this thing called life.  We are human.  We are family.

“So let’s make an agreement.

  1. We’ll… try to enjoy each others’ company in this beautiful place.
  2. We’ll stop feeling sorry for ourselves, it’s not very attractive
  3. We’ll make our plans for the future.


Can we agree to that?”



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