Change the Unchanging



Life is not written in pencil.

Every action, every word, every moment once chosen becomes permanent.  We move forward, not back, everything before us a fleeting movement, everything behind us frozen still.  We reach out, touching the future, wrapping our eager fingers around whatever we grab, pulling it down, securing it in past.  History is indelible.

Life is a constant state of change, moving from possibilities to permanence.

Change is terrifying because change is irreversible.  Change alters the course of our lives, determining what comes next, etching in stone what lies behind.  Change is the unknown after the unforgettable.

The past scares us because we know it, the future because we do not.  The present is the determining factor.

Here, now, this moment, we make both what was and what will be.

We cannot go back, only forward.

Change is happening every second you breathe.  In the present moment, what paints the unchanging picture of your past?  Fear?  Or courage?





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