tip 5

Lessons in making marriage awesome tip #5:  Be honest with each other.

Be honest.  Everybody can see when you’re faking it.

Our shortcomings, emotional baggage, and various reactions to what’s happening around us can create gaps between us and the people we love.  The longer the gaps are ignored, the wider they become until we find ourselves miles away from each other.

If there is something going on and you need to confess it… just do it.  If he said this or she did that and it hurt and you’re mad, JUST TALK ABOUT IT.  explain yourself and why.  get it out in the open.  Hurts cause gaps and honesty allows time for repair before someone falls into them.  The risk about honesty is that once we talk about our gaps, there’s no guarantee that our spouse will help us bridge them.  We could be left hanging.  But a potential bridge is far better than miles of unchecked secrets.


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