tip 4

Making marriage awesome tip #4:  When you need help, get help.

We all think we are alone, which means we aren’t.

We’re all scared to share when our marriages need help.  All of us are scared, all of us are failing somehow every day, and all of us keep our mouths shut about it.

But let’s be honest, we all suck at this thing sometimes.

If we would be more willing to open up and let people in when stuff happens, perhaps we would find the support we all need more of.  And really, whatever problems you’re having, they can’t be worse than ours.  I promise.  (We’d all say the same thing about our own issues, right?… are you getting this?  We all think we suck.  Which we do.  But since every single one of us thinks we’re the only ones in particular who suck as BAD as we do, we remain alone because we haven’t admitted it to anyone.  EVERYONE is struggling with SOMETHING and it ALL sucks.  So get over it and talk to somebody.  You’re not weird.)

Now if we all suck together, the BEST we can do for each other is understand.  If we want to move somewhere beyond our brokenness, we must reach beyond our humanity.  It is not only friends that we need, but a leader.  One who will lead us into wholeness.  A.K.A. God.

Don’t wait until things are completely falling apart to ask for help.  Let people in along the way and follow the leader together.


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