tip 3

Lessons in making marriage awesome tip #3:  Have fun, stay positive, take a Sabbath.

Life won’t be enjoyable unless you are.

Joy.  This simple three letter word adds immeasurable quality to the stories of our lives and marriages.  To have joy is to be thankful.  Deeply thankful.  This is the antidote to selfishness and pride, the killers of marriage and relationships.  The grasp for more of what we don’t have causes us to let go of what we do.  Comparisons will always leave us wanting.  A sense of entitlement to what we deserve and what we want blinds us to what we have already been given and what we have to give.

Joy is seeing what I have.  Saying thank you.  Appreciating.  Feeling lucky to be me and have him.

Cultivate joy.  Take a Sabbath.  Have some fun.  Say happy, positive things.  Be generous.  Spend an entire day avoiding serious topics and go for a bike ride, get some helium balloons, fly a kite, I don’t care.  Just find joy and keep it.


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