tip 2

Lessons in making marriage awesome tip# 2 – Don’t go to bed angry.  Or do.

Exhaustion equals stupidity.

When humans are tired, humans are dumb.  We say ridiculous things, act weird, and are unable to think straight.  It’s a common understanding among us married folk that we should never go to bed angry.  This is true… up to a certain point.  At a certain point another common understanding must take over:  Don’t make decisions when you’re tired.

In other words, do your best to resolve things before the day ends, but if it’s late and you’re getting nowhere, put your tired soul to bed.  Get some sleep.  In the morning, you probably won’t even remember what you were mad about.  And if you do, you will have a fresh mind to deal with it.

It’s not just sleep that matters, fueling your body in general diffuses a lot of unnecessary stress.  As one missionary put it:  Never get too tired, hungry or thirsty.  Cars fail to get from point A to point B when we don’t care care of them… so do we.


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