Bubble Theory

bubble theory

“You need to get out of your bubble.”

It is said with an air of superiority, as if they are swimming alone and free in the ocean while I am encapsulated in a little pocket of air, trapped.  Closed minded.  Sheltered.  Not to mention stupid.

Why do we scoff at bubbles?

We are, after all, quite comfortable inside of them.

Colleges, friends, clubs, family, churches, towns, ministries, lifestyles, workplaces, social groups.  Within each network of people is a certain atmosphere, unspoken rules and ways of business, cliques and social laws.  Comfort.  Knowing.  commonality.  Solidarity.  A certain level of Understanding.

Research has even suggested that groups of people more than 150 will naturally form smaller groups and networks within themselves to maintain stable relationships.* It’s a way of connecting.  A way of belonging.

Truly, we ALL have an innate tendency towards confining ourselves to particular circles, or as we commonly call them, bubbles.

We also have a tendency to take on a ‘my bubble is better than your bubble’ mentality.  We get cocky.  We scoff at church and ministry bubbles, look down on pockets within the workplace, roll our eyes at weird clubs.  Though we could all use a little expansion at times, we will never escape the bubbles.  It’s what makes us family.  What makes us friends.  What makes us comrades and coworkers.  Humans figuring out humanity together.

It’s not a question of IF you are in a bubble.  You are.  The question is what kind of bubble?

Where are your bubbles taking you in this massive, ever-deepening, mysterious ocean of life?

Our bubbles carry us to our destinies.

bubbles are an integral part of who you are and who you are becoming, and if it’s a healthy bubble, embrace it.

(Oh… and… stop poking mine.)

*Dunbar’s number


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