A Thousand Other Faces


There are world changers and there are those who SHAPE world changers.  We all fall under both categories, for we are all shaping the world by those we influence.

I shook the hand of my hero today.  I didn’t catch his name.  In fact I didn’t even notice him, didn’t know who he was until someone pointed out a quiet little man in the back corner.  He was wrinkled and his handshake was soft and leathery.  He wore a black sweater vest, unbuttoned over his blue collared shirt.  He stood unassumingly in his pinstripe grey pants, and I didn’t notice his shoes, but I did notice his voice.  I was expecting a soft voice, but despite appearances, he is not a soft man.  His voice was strong, sending shivers down my spine, a voice that could slay demons.  There is a great man sitting in this small room and nobody seems to notice. 

When I was a teenager just beginning to fall in love with the God that I had found, I was inspired by stories from China.  In China was an underground movement of people who loved Jesus like I did.  Governments in China aren’t too keen on Jesus, so they beat and kill anyone found worshipping him.  But these Christians are so in love with Jesus that they gladly sing in the face of death.  They are a fearless movement of people who stand up for what they believe in.  I wanted their faith.  I wanted their courage.  I wanted to be thrown in the jails with them, smuggle bibles into their cells and see their scars.

Brother Yun is the famous face at the forefront of this underground church.

And I shook the hand of the man who mentored him.


There are world changers.  And there are those who shape world changers.


On the news the other day, I saw a picture of the surviving Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a teenager.  We may never see the face of the one who mentored Dzhokhar, as Yuns’ mentor was hard to pick out even in a small room.

But behind every face that makes the pages of history are a thousand other faces.

You and I are one of them.

To what end are we impacting the world?


2 thoughts on “A Thousand Other Faces

  1. Lis,
    Mark and I once met a man named Timothy Chung. He is the same as this man. Suffered for Christ almost starved,,today is quiet, humble if he met you he would bow and say hello.
    Thanks for posting this.
    Kathy Ryan

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